Understanding the Game Variations in Free Online Roulette

Most free online roulette games do not require an individual to sign-up or download software. They are as simple as finding a casino website and beginning to play. Here, we cover the game variations in free roulette. Visit https://www.online-casinocanada.org for more insight.

Live Dealer Roulette

The live dealer roulette gives a player the thrill and ease of online gaming. This isn't without the interaction and fan of a real-life croupier. If you wish to link up to any live game that's happening in real-time, you can stream through a Wi-Fi connection.

With the live dealer roulette, a player can easily interact with human dealers who can hear and respond to them in real-time. If you're a player who plays roulette in isolation but craves social interaction, this is a good deal for you. View the action through:

  • Mobile device screen
  • Computer
  • Other devices recommended by the site

The common denominator when playing online live dealer roulette is that it is always exciting and fun to play whether you are playing for free or for real money. As such, you should ensure you don't miss the opportunity to play this game variation.

Multi Wheel Roulette

This online roulette variation features up to eight wheels that spin simultaneously. Usually, the bets that a player makes extend across all eight wheels. At any given time, a player can choose to reduce the number of wheels in play by simply deselecting them.

Multi Ball Roulette

At any given time, a total of 10 balls can be in play in the Multi Ball Roulette. In this variation, a player may choose their required number of balls at play by simply deselecting some. The number of balls in play affects the odds directly.

Mini Roulette Game Variation

The wheel in the Mini Roulette tends to be smaller than the standard 0-36 numbered wheel. The reality is that the number of wheels in a mini roulette only goes up to 12. The player gets half of the stake of all balls if:

  • The ball lands on the '0' tile

American Roulette Variation

American Roulette is a variation of online roulette that is widely available for play. Currently, you can play it both offline and online. Many people consider it to be a standard variation. It's, however, not as old as the other variations like French and European roulettes.

French Online Roulette

The French roulette's wheel has barely one '0'. This roulette is known for its application of two important rules. These rules tend to have a knock-on effect on the outcome of betting. These two rules are the En Prison Rule and La Partage Rule.